Common Questions

Why Seek a Therapist?

It is easy to get overly stressed, depressed, anxious, or to have negative beliefs and emotions predominate our lives. In therapy we can find a way to shift from patterns of stress and struggle to an on-going experience of vitality and wisdom that is also available. Together we work to re-find our natural curiosity. Learning to recognize patterns, history, and current beliefs is important in seeing how we get stuck in suffering. After gaining awareness, we create the safety to learn skills for managing the discomfort and difficult emotions, reprocess past trauma, shift attention from bad habits and patterns, and find forgiveness, loving kindness, and compassion.

I work to create a positive rapport with my clients so that we can clarify the issues and difficulties that are troubling, and to collaboratively find a solution, resolution, and positive outcome. In this way we move from pain and identity with suffering to a sense of peace, vitality, and connection that are often lost, but available.

Are all Therapies the Same?

We are all unique beings, and each therapy reflects that individuality. I have learned many types of therapy in my work over thirty years, and draw on a wide range of expertise. First, we have to clarify what reasons therapy is sought, and then together find the methods that will most effetively work for the specific situations. Different people respond to different modalities just as different conditions require different approaches.

Always, I work to reduce distress and increase an individual's or family's capacity to function well. Some people need a lot of support, some people need to learn new skills to reduce anxiety, some people need guidance in how to unravel the effects of past trauma. My work always uses focus on the present moment, mindful attention to the mind and body, and kindness to help create the conditions for acceptance, letting-go, and change.

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